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Well Hung – Lauren Blakeley

If you read Mister O and Big Rock and loved them then you will enjoy Well Hung by Lauren Blakeley. It’s the third book in the Men of Rom Com series told in the male point of view. The book can be read as a standalone. This story is about Wyatt, Nick Hammer’s brother (from Mister O) and Natalie, who is Charlotte’s sister from Big Rock. Natalie is off limits to Nick because she is his assistant at his construction business but he’s been attracted to her since he met her. They end up in Vegas on business together and decide on 1 night of breaking the rules and things can go back to normal once the sun goes up. They do some crazy things while in Vegas, one of which is getting hitched! Can things really go back to normal when the sun comes up the next day and they return to New York?

This book was hilarious. The stories keep getting better. These men are so cocky; you can’t help but laugh at them. Lauren puts some new twists on things in this book that I’ve never seen before that keeps you coming back for more. I love how Wyatt and Natalie are perfect for each other, they have the same sense of adventure, in and outside of the bedroom, they are the quirky couple and you are rooting for them to be together the entire time. There’s a big surprise ending that you don’t see coming. I’ve read enough romance novels to have a good sense of where the author is going but with this book I was surprised the entire time. It was a great read and I’m excited for The sexy one and Full package which is a story that features Nick and Wyatt’s little sister Josie so you know it’s going to be a good one. The poor sucker who falls for her, I can’t wait!

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