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The Hotel Series

The Hotel Series by Lola Darling 208 pages total all 3 books

5 star review

I was introduced to Lola through a newsletter subscription. I read her latest book Teach Me and really enjoyed Lola’s writing style. When I got the Hotel part 1 and 2 for free from her newsletter I had to download them. This was a great story. The hot billionaire story has been done before but Lola’s story took it to a new level.

Lola has a way of writing that has you the reader feeling the passion between the characters while your reading. Her sex scenes are HOT and very detailed, it’s like your watching a movie and not reading a book.  Lola is an up and coming romance novelist and I can’t wait for her to release another romance book.I loved this book, was sad when Dom and Juliet’s story was over, I can only hope we get glimpses of them in some of her future novels.

Juliet is a student in the hospitality program in Chicago. She lands an internship at the Rexford hotel in Chicago – her dream job. Her first day she walks into the boardroom and at the other end of the table is her one night stand from the previous night, her new boss! Dominic wants her again and does everything he can to convince her to see him again. The books are full of sex, drama and a little bit of heart ache. Can Juliet stick to her morals and stay away from temptation or will she give in to the man who gave her the best sex of her life? Read The Hotel series and find out.

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