The Baller

The Baller is about a NFL football player as our hero and a female sportscaster as our heroine. Both were afraid to fall in love because they have loved before and been hurt. Brody is our typical hero, a player with no interest in settling down anytime soon. Delilah is a female professional sportscaster. She meet’s Brody for the first time in her very first interview as a professional sportscaster and he was an arrogant ass. Rumor was Brody didn’t believe women should have a place in the men’ss locker room but Delilah didn’t care. She earned her spot there and wasn’t going to let some arrogant ass ruin that for her.

I heard about this book through a facebook reading group Holiday Reads. It’s one of many facebook reading groups that have authors take over the page for an hour to promote their books. This book caught my eye instantly. I was looking for a book about a football player after reading one about a NHL hockey player. I’m a Canadian girl who grew up to enjoy hockey like every Canadian did. I recently started following the Canadian Football League, the Canadian version of the NFL and it’s my new favorite sport to watch. I spent the whole book thinking Brody was my favorite player on my favorite team and I was Delilah.

There was a good mix of sexy and comedy in this book. Getting to know the real Brody he’s easy to fall for. He’s kind and generous, in and out of the bed. Delilah was realizing he wasn’t a bad guy after all. He pursued her and she kept him at arms length telling him she wasn’t looking for casual sex, she was only interested in sex in a relationship and that meant dating, something Brody doesn’t do. His need for her was so great he gave in and gave Delilah the relationship she was looking for. Things were going great until Brody’s past reared it’s ugly head. Could Brody and Delilah make it or is this a love story that doesn’t end with a happy ending? Read The Baller for yourself to find out.

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