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Take you apart

Take you apart by T.J Spade

248 pages

5 star read

Take you apart is a non-fiction thriller with romance. It’s different from the books I usually read. The book is told mainly in Caleb’s point of view but we also switch between some of the supporting characters. The book flows smoothly and it’s like you’re watching a movie rather than reading a book. The main plot is a murder. Caleb has premonitions of the murders happening and assists his friend a homicide detective, Jack, in stopping the murder before it happens. Caleb’s premonitions have in the past helped solve murders. This particular murderer is trying to get Caleb’s attention by sending him souvenirs from the murder. There is a romance brewing between Caleb and Makayla while this murder is being solved. It’s a nice mix between thriller and romance, almost like a crime scene show with the lead character’s falling in love. A few chapters in I had my suspicion on who the killer was but like any suspense novel or movie the author plants seeds of doubt and points you in the direction of another suspect. Turns out I was wrong but my second guess was correct.

What a great book this was. It’s not my usual type of book but the author had me hooked right from the prologue. T.J has a second book, Take you to hell, is available for preorder and will be available June 21. Make sure you read the first book first.

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