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Sinful Longing (#3 in the Sinful Nights Series)

Sinful Longing by Lauren Blakely is the third book in the Sinful Nights series. So far, it’s my favorite book in this series. Colin is a good guy. He made some bad decisions as a teen after his mother went away to prison for hiring someone to murder his father. He hits rock bottom in his flashback and hitting rock bottom is what’s fuels him to be a better man. He’s smart and volunteers his time to tutor underprivileged kids at a local community center. The Center is where he meets Elle. Elle is the community center director. Her ex-husband was addicted to drugs and he ended up dying in her arms from a drug overdose. This plus the addiction behavior was rough on Elle and she vowed to not get into a relationship with another addict, recovering or not. This is her reason for keeping Colin at arm’s length despite the amazing chemistry they seem to have together. All she wants from Colin is sex without feelings and Colin makes it his mission to make it more.

Colin knows Elle’s body better than Elle does and they haven’t been together much. He uses this and words as his seduction to make her want more. What he wants to do to her and what he does to her is so detailed it makes you wet reading it. This is a talent of Lauren’s, all 4 of the books I’ve read by her so far all share this in common. This is what keeps you going back for more that and every one of the books in the Sinful Nights series leave you with a big cliff hanger to get you to read the next book, each one bigger and bigger. I didn’t finish Sweet Sinful Nights (Shannon Shay Sloan’s Story) and immediately want to read Sinful Desire (Ryan Sloan’s story) in fact I forgot about the second book in the series until I read the teaser cover reveal for Sinful Love (Michael Sloan’s Story) and immediately wanted to read that story. It was then I realized I haven’t read the other 2 brother’s stories and I’d better get on that before the release of the 4th and final book in the series was out. These books can be read on their own but honestly you would be lost if you didn’t know the back story about the siblings and new information about their father’s murder is brought to our attention with each book.

This book has suspense, romance, emotions and a little bit of crime. I loved it. I fell for Colin Sloan and have added him to my list of book boyfriends. I rated this book 5 out of 5.

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