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Settling for perfect

Settling for perfect by Clair S Crawford

Arna is not your traditional woman. She is not interested in finding mr perfect and starting a family much to the dislike of her friends and family. On the heels of her breakup with her best friend Sally, Arna tries to navigate the life she wants for herself when she meets a sexy as sin man at the coffee shop she frequents daily. They share some sexy flirty banter a few days in a row when one day mr sexy lets it slip he has a wife but she could be interested in a three some if that interests her too. Arna is disgusted that he has been flirting with her for the past few days while he’s married all the while he takes her hand and shows her how hard he is for her. Freaked out my his actions Arna accidentally spills her coffee on herself when another sexy as sin man, Anthony, comes to her rescue. He takes her back to his office so she can shower and change out of her wet clothes. A relationship blossoms and Anthony turns out to be the perfect man.

I enjoyed reading this book. It didn’t keep my focus like her last book but I was determined to see if Arna would end up going against what she believed and get married and have a family.

I disliked the heroine in this book. Always being the one to make contact first. I found her annoying and couldn’t understand what the hero, Anthony saw in her. She was being the needy woman men hate but it seems Anthony diggs that in a woman. In the end she found her Mr perfect as we are acostome to in romance novels. This book was more like a fiction than a nonfiction we like to get wrapped up in and I kept reading because it was different. It’s a recommended read if your looking for something different.

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