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Say I’m Yours by Corrine Michaels

I’m 34% through reading Say I’m Yours and I had to stop to start writing. Never have I read a book where I absolutely loathe the male lead. I’m hating Trent so much right now and I’m angry at Grace for loving him for so long. I’m still very much on team Cooper!

Grace has been in love with Trent for years. They have dated on and off for years but Trent is afraid of commitment. As soon as things get to comfortable he bolts.

After finishing the book my thoughts on Trent have changed. He’s a good guy and truly loves Grace. I didn’t  fall for him like I did Wyatt, my heart still belongs with him and I was happy to get little glimpses of Wyatt and Angie as well as Presley and Zack throughout this book. I’m no longer on team Cooper, he wasn’t the right man for her but I’m glad she tested the waters.

I love reading  Corrine’s books. Her characters always feel like real people and the problems that come up in the relationships are ones that we all have or know people who have had. There’s never anything you don’t believe to be true. Another 5 star read. I’m sad that I’m finished, if only there was another long lost Hennington brother out there to get another book on. A must read!

Check the link below for the authors summary of the book. 

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