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Review ~ Faking it by K. Bromberg


Zane is an arrogant playboy who can get any girl he wants. Women do just about anything to get his attention and often use him for his connections. Because of the relationship his parents have, Zane doesn’t believe in love. Harlow has dated her share of men who are only interested in sex, not the possibility of a happily ever after together. Her mother is a hopeless romantic, despite the fact her husband walked out on her and her daughter. Harlow wants to find her soulmate and have that happily ever after most women dream about. The two are thrown together and have to spend 24/7 together and pretend to be a couple in love.

I absolutely loved this audiobook. The narrators, Rupert Channing and Erin Mallon, were perfect for the story. Although I still prefer to read a book before listening to it, this audiobook has given me the confidence to continue to one click or preorder audio first books from my favourite authors.

Bromberg’s books get better and better. She never disappoints, always dragging you into the story making you forget everything thing else. I started this Audiobook on the way to work 2 mornings ago, fully intending to stop once I got to wok and continue on the drive home. I was 5 or 6 chapters in and was hooked already and listened to it while I could at work, having to pause in places so I could concentrate on my work and not miss anything from the book.

A definite must read (listen!)

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