Once upon a real good time by Lauren Blakely

I have to say after reading the 2 bonus epilogues I was disappointed with the ending. I saw Lauren taking the book in 1 direction to end but she took it in another. I just read the bonus scene and now I know why the book ended the way it did. I’m happy again and I hope like with other standalone series we get to hear from this amazing couple in Cambell’s brother, Miller’s story Once upon a while thing. Make sure you read to the end of once upon a real good time, there’s a link for the bonus scene and the synopsis of Once upon a while thing.

The one thing I love about Lauren’s books is her ability to make you laugh and get all hot and bothered the next. She writes amazing romantic comedies that make you laugh out loud and swoon and this book was no different. A definite 5 star must read.

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