Night Shift 2

Night Shift is a collaboration of excerpts or bonus material from ten authors.All proceeds from the sale of the book will be donated to Keith Milano Fund for the American Foundation for Suicide prevention.

Pucks, Sticks, and Diapers by Toni Aleo was a cute mini novel about an NHL hockey couple. Reading the mini book I felt like I was missing part of they story so I’m currently investigating if there is a book or series that I missed. Toni’s writing has peaked my interest and I’m going to add her to my list of authors to look into more books to read.

I love hockey and will read just about any sports romance novel out there, hot athletes, yes please! Max: A Cold Fury Hockey Novel by Sawyer Bennett peaked my interest. From reading the first and only chapter available, I immediately needed to add the book to my to-read list on goodreads, which is there where I found it’s a 6th book from the series Cold Fury Hockey. I have 5 books to have read before this one releases December 13th, my preorder is already in on amazon!

There’s 2 additional epilogues from Lauren Blakely, I skipped over them as I haven’t read the books they are from yet so I will have to remember to come back to it once I’ve read them.

The main reason I purchased Night Shift was to read the first 3 chapters of K. Bromberg’s Sweet Cheeks. I absolutely LOVED her Driven series and additional books she wrote based off characters found in the main series. No matter how many books I’ve read and loved since reading this series, my thoughts often drift back to Colton and Riley. Sweet Cheek’s is not a driven book, it’s a new book with new characters and I had to see if it was Kristy’s amazing writing that I fell in love with or was it really hoping for glimpses of Colton I was looking for. The verdict is in, it’s Kristy’s writing. Only 3 chapters in and I love the main female character, Saylor. She’s the owner and main baker at Sweet Cheeks bakery. 6 months prior she ended her engagement to her fiance, whom she’d been with for 5 years, just 2 weeks before the wedding. She’s been invited to his wedding of his rebound girl. In the heat of the moment she RSVP’s yes to his upcoming wedding. Her brother, who sounds hot as hell, suggests that she does actually go to the wedding with a date and show all the friends who took her ex’s side after the breakup that she’s happy and in love in an effort to help her failing business. Only problem is Saylor is not happily in love. That’s where Hayes comes in. The third chapter introduces us to Hayes and who is he is – mega movie star! He’s working on the set of a movie being directed by the Andy Weston. The book is set to release November 14, 2016 and I just might have to take a vacation day to stay home and read it on release day!

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