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Mister O

Mister O by Lauren Blakley 306 pages

5 star review!

This book was super easy to read and I had a hard time putting the book down. I was disappointed when it was finished, not because the ending wasn’t good but because Nick and Harper’s story was over. I hope we get a little more Nick and Harper with Nick’s brother’s book, the next book in this standalone series.

Mister O is a standalone romantic comedy that follows some of the same characters as her first romantic comedy Big Rock. It’s told in the male POV. If you enjoyed reading Spencer in Big Rock you will love Nick more. Nick is not your typical romance god. He’s not a playboy – he actually describes himself as a serial monogamist. He’s not full of himself like most of our romance gods. He’s good at sex because he know’s how to read women’s cues on what they like and don’t like and he’s a very generous lover, always making his woman cum at least 3 times to his single orgasm. To sum it up, he’s the perfect man and he’s well hung too! Nick has eyes for his best friend, Spencer’s little sister, Harper but she’s off limits.

Harper is a magician and spends most of her time entertaining children. She’s inexperienced with men and doesn’t have the slightest clue on how to talk around the opposite sex whom she’s attracted too so Harper asks Nick to be her dating tutor after he witnesses the way she blushes and can’t get the words out to speak to the man she’s interested in. Nick agree’s and the start spending more time together. I very much enjoyed reading the male POV in this book, it’s great to read what you think is going through a man’s mind when he’s crushing on you.

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