Laundry Family Series Review

I’ve been reading Adriana Locke’s Landry Family series the last few weeks. It’s a 5 book standalone series and each book is about one of the Landry kids, except for 1 who’s book was moved into another series. Each book so far (as I’m writing this pos I’m only on book 4) is its own trope. So far each of the men have a fetish with food and sex.

First up what Berrett. Its your political romance. Barrett is the Mayor of Savannah and Alison is one of the waitresses for the catering company he’s using at one of this election events. His food fetish is grapes. I can’t look at grapes the same way anymore without thinking of how Barrett used them on Alison as foreplay the first time they were together. My panties are getting a little wet just thinking about it.

The second story was Lincoln’s story. It’s your sports romance. Lincoln was a baseball player. Danielle worked with sick kids at a hospital. She refused to date athletes because their sport is their #1 priority and she didn’t want to end up like her parents. Lincoln’s food fetish was an ice cube. What I wouldn’t give to feel an ice cube on my most sensitive flesh!

Third book was Graham’s story and so far my favourite to I’m only just starting book 4. He’s the alpha (so far) of the Landry men. He’s a control freak in and out of the bedroom. This book is your office romance; Graham is the CEO of the family business, Mallory is his executive assistant. Their attraction to each other is immediate and could end in disaster for one or both of them. Graham has been hurt by a woman before so he keeps his heart locked and won’t let women in. He’s not interested in relationships because they take too much time away from work. Graham’s food fetish is maple syrup and bacon, my favourite so far. We are known for our maple syrup up here in Canada and the idea of Graham licking it off my body is a huge turn on!

Book 4 was Ford’s story. It’s trope was second chance romance. Ford and Ellie dated back in high school. Ford had decided that he wasn’t good enough for Ellie and broke it off with her after he enlisted. When Ford was discharged, he moved back home and started his own security company. After some secret matchmaking by Mallory, Graham’s girlfriend, Ford ends up running into Ellie at her new business. They both still loved each other, even though its been 10 years since they split. That reunion was one of the best I’ve seen written in a romance book. Ford’s food fetish was hard candy.

Book 5 was Camilla’s story. Its trope was the bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks. Camilla bothered me like no other character has before. I was always yelling at her in my head. She dated Dom for over 10 months before her family even met him. She was too afraid that they would’t approve of him because he’s blue collar and not one of the upperclass men she’s supposed to date. After reading about her parents and siblings throughout the books I knew they wouldn’t care that he was not rich so long as he treated Cam with the respect she deserved and never hurt her.

There was supposed to be a 6th book from what I can tell but inspiration must have taken over while writing Sienna’s story because the book name changed and became part of the Gibson Boys series which was amazing, another must read.

These books gave me a new found love of Adriana’s writing. I had read some of her books before and I’m even in her reader Facebook group. She has now become one of my one click authors and I love that all her books are on Kindle Unlimited. Book 1 had been on my kindle for months before I finally dove in and read it, my only disappointment was taking so long to read it.

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