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Hold you close

hold you close

I absolutely loved Hold you close by Corrine Michaels and Melanie Harlow. It’s a second chance romance that contains heartache, humor and love. It’s a beautiful love story that was impossible to put down.  Both leading characters, London and Ian, are stubborn and refuse to let the past go and see they were meant to be together. You can’t help but want to yell at them both to get their heads out of their butts and see what they really mean to each other. Every character is easy to fall in love with

I love collaborations between 2 or more authors. Your following the story and then all of a sudden the story goes in a complete different direction that you were not anticipating and that’s what I love about collaborations.

She was his sisters best friend, he was her best friends brother who broke her heart as a teenager. He pushed her away as a teenager so she wouldn’t throw away her dream college for him but she just think’s he was being a typical playboy. Twenty years later they still hate each other and are thrown into co-parenting his sisters three kids when tragedy hits. Can they put the past behind them and fall in love again? Get your copy today to find out!

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