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Hard to Handle by K. Bromberg

It’s been a long time since I wrote a blog post about a book I read so this has got to tell you just how good the book was. It’s a sports romance about Hockey by one of my favorite authors, I couldn’t wait to dive into this book. Being busy with my full time job, it’s allowed me the time to enjoy the book slowly. I usually finish books in 1-2 sittings and don’t really retain much of the book but with this book I’ve been picking it up for an hour here and there in my me time in the morning and reading for a few hours in the evening after work and errands.

Kristy has done it again. Hard to Handle was an amazing book! A lot of sports romances don’t have a lot in them about the sport the hero plays but Kristy wrote a lot about the game in this one. Its a 5+ star read that almost had me in tears at times and then smiling ear to ear at others. It’s a must read.

Hunter Maddox is a thirty something NHL hockey player who you fall in love with right away. He’s the typical athlete alpha. Dekker describes him perfectly in the book “Complicated and multi-layered, incredibly gifted, a god in the sack, yet troubled by something significant” I don’t think I could describe him any better.

Dekker is not your typical heroine. She’s full of sass and takes it as good as she gets it. She’s an agent for her fathers agency and is asked by her dad to sign Hunter as a client with the family business. Her and Hunter were lovers years ago, friends with benefits type deal that ended when she developed feelings for him.

Watching the buildup between the two of them felt real. She doesn’t feel like she can love or be loved by a man and Hunter has ghosts in his past that has him believing hes not good enough to be in a relationship. Hockey is all he needs, all he has time for.

I loved the subtle reference Kristy put in this book that referenced her very first book, Driven. With Dekker being a sports agent, I kept waiting to see Colton or Zanders name pop up in conversations. Coincidence that Hunters jersey number is 13? My hometown teams colours are red and white like the LumberJacks so I think I need to get a jersey made with the number 13 on it.

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