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Fractures in Ink


Then there’s Sarah, she’s stubborn as a mule refusing to ask Chris for help, not wanting to be like her mother, dependent on a man’s help, and realizing he had just helped out his mother financially. She instead lets her scumbag of a boss loan her the money, which is just one more thing to hold over her to keep her employed at the strip club.After the loan from her boss and knowing what he probably had in mind as the “interest” payment for said loan Sarah pushes Chris away before he finds out what she has done and ends things for good.

Chris and Sarah are perfectly matched for each other and neither realize it. Chris thinks one day Sarah will realize there is someone better for her out there who’s successful and can give her all the things she deserves. Sarah feels the same about Chris, that one day he will wake up and realize she doesn’t fit into his world. If they would put as much effort into being open with each other instead of keeping the walls up and keeping each other at arms length they would realize how perfect for each other they really are, and hopefully that happens before they do something to the other that they will regret.

This was truly a powerful story. I couldn’t imagine growing up the way that either Chris or Sarah had. It’s more of a romantic drama, something I wasn’t expecting but very much enjoyed. I’m interested in reading the other Clipped Wings stories now, hoping that they fill in some of the blanks that I am left with. Although the book appears to be a standalone, I would have benefited more had I read the entire series. I’ve stayed away from these books thinking they were more fantasy romance and now I have more books to add to my never ending To Read list on Goodreads.

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