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Find Me

Find me by Laurelin Page

Find me is book 2 in The Found Duet. Another 5 star read! JC and Gwen’s story is continued in this book. If you read book #1 you know that JC goes into protective custody because he’s an eye witness in the murder. He tells Gwen he will always love her and he will come looking for her once the trial is over and he’s safe again. Makes her promise to move on with her life and not wait for him. Gwen agree’s to put him at ease but she knows her heart belongs to JC and she will never move on. Book 2 starts almost a year later, with no word from JC. Gwen is starting to lose hope that JC will ever return and her friend Lyanie suggests that she set a date to move on – if she doesn’t hear from JC by the set date she will start to move on. A few days later at their weekly Thursday night dinner, Gwen see’s a news report about a murder trial and the key witness, who’s been in protective custody until the trial is JC! With JC back in New York, Gwen begins to hope there is a future for them after all.

This book is better than the first one. We get to read about Gwen and JC’s romance building. They move in together, plan a wedding and there is a whole lot of suspense with unexpected news. Laurelin makes every chapter a mini cliffhanger causing you to want to keep reading. Many times I could tell what was going to happen next, likely due to the amount of reading I’ve done, but I was still shocked when my thoughts were correct. I’m disappointed Gwen and JC’s story is over but I love how their story ended.

I’m happy to have discovered a new author in Laurelin and I look forward to reading more of her work. There was a sample of Chandler’s story at the end of this book and it’s defiantly a book that i’m going to add to my to read list on Goodreads.


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