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Feel me Break

Feel me Break by Tara R 65 pages

4 star rating

Tara R asked me to read and write a review on her novella Feel me Break. After reading the first few pages on the look inside feature I decided this was a book I needed to read.

It’s a rainy gloomy Saturday afternoon so I decided to curl up with the book and I was hooked immediately. The novella is about Chloe, a teenage girl who is succumb to grief after the death of her brother. She needs to be the strong one and puts on a brave face for everyone so know one knows how she truly is feeling inside. One night while in a daze, Chloe decides she wants to end her life. Standing on the railing and she is desperately waiting for a sign that she should live. That sign turns out to be Nick, a total stranger who stops to see if she needs help. There is an immediate connection between the both of them and Nick starts having romantic feelings that he’s never had before. He gets Chloe to safety and leaves her with her friend only for tragedy to hit him.

Fast forward two years and Chloe and Nick meet again, miles away from home. They both get called away, will they meet again? We will have to wait until August when the full length novel of Nick and Chloe’s story continues in Watch me Rise. I cannot wait for this full length novel to come out. The first chapter is available at the end of Feel me Break and Tara has left a huge cliff hanger. I can’t wait to see how Chloe and Nick’s story ends. Will it be a happily ever after or will it end in tragedy I can’t wait to find out!

Get your copy of Feel me Break here. It’s a great lead up to the full length novel, it’s like reading a teaser and having to wait for the full length book to be released. August can’t come soon enough.

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