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Fantasy for Real

Fantasy for Real by Claire S Crawford

129 pages

3 star read

I was asked by Claire to read and review her new book Fantasy for Real. It’s a contemporary romance novel about Ruth, a small town girl who moves to the big city to pursue her dream of opening her own clothing line and store. Adam catches her eye at a bar and she gets the courage to go flirt with him. They leave the bar together, share a steamy night together and exchange numbers. Ruth’s best friend, who she’s staying with while she looks for a job and an apartment, get it in Ruth’s head that Adam is like every other man and will not call her to see her again but Ruth is convinced Adam is different.

I enjoyed the book. It was an easy read. Perfect book to pick up and read if you want something light to read. I like how Claire keeps you engaged while you wait to see if Adam calls Ruth back. She builds Ruth’s character and we get a sense of her personality and work ethic, which I believe will be important later. What I didn’t like about the book and the reason I rated it a 3 was because of the ending. It was terrible! It just ends. I can’t explain more about the ending without spoiling the rest of the book for you. Your left hoping there is another book and I asked Claire if there was more coming and there is another book on the way in a couple of months. Hopefully after reading this review, Claire will update the book and add a to be continued or another page in the book indicating there is more to this story to come so that readers are less disappointed and come back looking for the next book. Now that I know there is more of the story to come I’m a little less disappointed and am now left with the cliffhanger feeling  and I’m looking forward to reading the next book in the series.

Below is the author’s synopsis of the book

“When Ruth Darcy moves to the big city with a heart full of hope and head full of dreams, she doesn’t factor in meeting the gorgeous Adam Grace.

Smitten after a passionate night together, Ruth can’t wait to see Adam again. But her level-headed best friend makes a point of saying that men never call when they say they will…

Smug in the knowledge that Adam is different, Ruth and Adam flirt back and forth. Teeing up a second time to meet, Ruth is full of excited anticipation…

… that is, until she finally receives an invitation for a job interview – at exactly the same time as she is meant to meet Adam!

Is this it? Is her fantasy already over?

In a sexy game of cat and mouse, Ruth tries to balance her need to make a living, and her desire to see Adam again.

Can she do it? And at what cost? Perhaps Adam can make all her dreams come true.”

Get your copy at the link below.

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