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Darkest Fantasy

Darkest Fantasy by L.V Hunter

295 pages

I was asked to read and review Darkest Fantasy by L.V Hunter for my blog. What a great book this was. This is a story about Eva, an intern at Vincent and Son’s and Alex the CEO of Vincent and Sons. The book starts out with Eva breaking up with her boyfriend of 6 years in a Starbucks. Her ex-boyfriend says some cruel things to her that makes her feel terrible, purposely knocks over her hot coco and embarrasses her in front of the entire Starbucks. The things that her ex says to her make her feel self concise and worthless, like no other man could possibly want to be with her, she will never be someones first choice only their safe choice. That feeling that Eva has is what I believe many women feel. Not pretty enough for a good guy to be attracted to, too short, too cubby. The main female character is someone you can personally relate to on some level and that grabs your attention making you want to finish the story to see if the girl, who reminds you of you, ends up with her happily ever after. At least that’s how I feel.

Then you have Alex, the adopted son of the owner of Vincent and Sons. He was abused as a child by his adopted father. His father is dying of lung cancer and has made a stipulation in his will that in order for his son, Alex, to get full control of the company he must marry a woman who comes from a family that has money and prestige. He goes out on a blind date with women from a list that his father has provided, only to find something wrong with her every time; she talks to much, she tries to hard to fit the part. In his hart Alex knows he wants to marry for love, not so he can keep control of the company he spent the last several years trying to make better.

Alex is writing a fantasy romance novel and accidentally sends a chapter to his intern, Eva, to read instead of his sister, Sam. Luckily he sent the email under his pen name and Eva doesn’t know who the real writer is. She loves the chapter that she reads and gives the author some constructive criticism and begs him to send her more. Alex starts to see Eva as an attractive woman and not just his employee. But he thinks how could such a intelligent and beautiful woman want to be in a relationship with a weirdo like me; I’m an asshole who likes to dominate in the bedroom, there is no way a sweet innocent woman like Eva would want to be with me. As a reader you see how perfect this couple really is for each other, if only they would see it for themselves.

I would like to thank L.V for the opportunity to read and review this book. I enjoyed reading this story. L.V is a talented writer and I look forward to watching them grow into a New York Times best selling author.I think this books needs a little more sex but that just because I look forward to the sex scenes and feeling the chemistry between the couple, and that’s what this story is lacking – chemistry.  I’m going on a hunt to find more of their books – they are described as an author who writes hot, sweet, and sexy tales of couples finding true love and true happiness.

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