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Book Review ~ The feel good factor by Lauren Blakely

Are you in a book hangover? When I get into one of those, a good RomCom is the perfect remedy. Lauren Blakley is the queen of RomCom’s, and her new book The Feel Good Factor is perfect! Perri is a cop in Lucky Falls, Derek is the new bad boy in town who Perri pulls over for speeding. It was instant chemistry with them. I loved the slow build of their relationship, the focus at the start of the book was getting to know the characters apart, their personality and love of their family, friends and job as public servants of Lucky Falls. When they finally found each other again in Lucky Falls, with the help of Derek’s sister, watching their relationship build and blossom was perfect. It was natural, like you were watching a movie that is your life right before your eyes. What I don’t  get is why we always have to have the typical breakup and the amazing reunion? But I digress. Loved this book, it has the right amount of romance and comedy to keep you engaged. And the epilogues; they were amazing! Perfect way to end the story!

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