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Book Review ~ Seven Nights of Sin by Kendall Ryan

Seven Nights of Sin is the stunningly sexy and heart-tugging conclusion to The Two Week Arrangement, both available now!

Seven nights of sin is the conclusion of the penthouse affair series. We were left off with a huge cliffhanger and thankfully we didn’t need to wait too long to get the conclusion and what a conclusion this book was! Dom couldn’t trust Presely anymore after the documents he found in her bag but he needed her to seal the business deal they started working on when they initially got together. They spend seven nights together in London as a fake couple but really what Dom feels for her is real as it gets but he’s scared. These two are the perfect couple, his yin to her yang. 

This was a great book and a great conclusion to the series. Its got sex, a billionaire with trust issues, a hot single dad and an office romance. All the great things in a sexy romance book. Unlike with most other romance novels, I didn’t  fall for Dom but I was rooting for him and Presley!

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