Book Review ~ In Her Space by Amie Knight

I received an ARC of In her space to read and review. In her space is a continuation of Liv and Adam’s story 10 years later. Adam is back for revenge on the people who took him from Liv. It was a beautiful story, you could see Adam and Liv’s love for each other shine through the pages. There was tragedy but in the end but it only brought Adam and Liv closer together and helped to mend relationships that were broken 10 years ago.

Unlike the first book, this book grabbed your attention right away and kept it. I finished the book in 5 hours where the first book took me 2 weeks to read. I was so excited to receive the second book in the story to finish this love story. These characters are the definition of love. Money, social status, none of that mattered to these two and it was great to see these feelings finally extend to the friends from Liv’s past. I loved this book, and the 2 epilogues were a perfect ending to this roller coaster love story.

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