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Book Review ~ Hard to Lose by K.Bromberg

In romance books, the male character is always the hero. With hard to lose, Gunner is an actual hero, a humble one at that. He’s a war hero who managed to save 5 lives one day at war. To read his story, not told by him but one of the guys he saved, it almost had me in tears (I’m not that much of a crier when it comes to reading but this was a huge, heartfelt moment!)

Kristy is damn good at writing a troubled hero with a troubled past, Colton in Driven is a perfect example of that. Gunner has a troubled past and the fact that he’s found the one person who can make him forget about his troubled past in Chase makes my heart swell. Gunner is fabulous on his own, but pair him with Chase and these two are now my all time favourite couple, not only in Kristy’s books but in all books. Chase is not your typical heroine and I immediately fell in love with her. I want to be her, and not just because she gets to be with Gunner, but because she has this I don’t care what you think of me attitude.

Chase and Gunner are two peas in a pod, this is even quoted in the book as something Gunner says to Chase. They share a connection that not many people do, the loss of someone, they both don’t let people in, afraid to let someone get close, don’t want to fall for someone or have someone fall for them and end up leaving them in some form or another. I love a book that has characters who are one in the same emotional wise. It’s not often you find a heroine who is strong and independent but also has no interest in finding love or starting a family. Work is her family, literally and figuratively and it’s one of the characteristics I love the most about Chase, that and how she’s not afraid to Speak her mind. The later is a characteristic I wish I had.

This book was amazing. Gunner is one of the good ones, a man I hope more men are like. There wasn’t a damn thing I didn’t enjoy about this book and now I’m in one hell of a book hangover. I’m so glad that I took my time with book, savoured every word. It’s my all time favourite book of Kristy’s now. 5+++ star read, 5 stars just isn’t enough!

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