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Book Review ~ Downfall by Jay Crownover

I received an ARC of Downfall and finished reading it today. I had a hard time following all the characters but we were warned about this at the start of the book so not mentioning it as a negative just a point. I enjoyed this book. It was the first book from the Author Jay Crownover . I’m not used to her writing style and the amount of detail she puts into everything and found myself skimming over some paragraphs just to get to the dialogue of what was saying. Once I got halfway through the book I lost interest in the extra explanation and just wanted to get to the dialogue. It made my heart melt reading all about Solo and how he instantly fell for Orley and her daughter Nobel. It takes a special kind of man to take a child that’s not theirs by blood and raise and take care of that child as if they were their own blood. I almost gave up on the story, not because I wasn’t interested, but because I personally found there were too many words to get through to get to the important parts, the dialogue between the characters.  Because of that I give this read 4 stars.

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