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Book Review ~ Birth of a baby daddy

baby daddy

Birth of a baby Daddy by Piper Rayne is the 3rd book in the Bailey’s series. It’s the second book in the series I’ve read and was just as good as the first book. You instantly fall in love with all the Bailey’s all over again and I love the little glimpses into the previous couples we get in each book. Rome and Harley met almost two years ago in Seattle and had a one night stand and you guessed it, Harley got pregnant. She was determined to do the parenting thing on her own until her daughter, Calista, got sick with a blood clotting disorder and Harley, being raised in the foster care system and having no family history on herself, was determined to find the baby daddy and get his DNA and entire family medical history so Calista has it. She didn’t expect for instant family for her and her daughter.

Watching Harley and Rome slowly fall for each other was amazing. Piper Rayne have a way words that allow you to fall in love with every character they write and Harley and Austin are no different, along with the rest of the Bailey’s. I’m so excited for book 4 in the Bailey’s series and can’t wait for it to be released because finally Savannah and Liam are going to get together and I hope we get books on the other Bailey siblings.  

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