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Book Review ~ A Friends to lovers secret baby romance duet by Nichole Rodrigues

Nichole Rodrigues is a new writer. Her first two books Always in your corner and Pinky Promise was like a real life love story. Unlike most romance novels, the things that happen in these books could actually happen. Two best friends who fall in love. There’s no crazy elaborate love story that would only ever happen in our fantasies, it’s just two regular people who fall in love and that’s what I loved the most about these stories. I could picture myself as Leila and my husband as Hudson because they fell in love naturally over the years from being best friends first.They didn’t want to date when they were teenagers, afraid they would ruin their friendship but after their ten year high school reunion they slept together for the first time, but Hudson made the decision to just be friends, still afraid to ruin their friendship. Add in an accidental pregnancy 6 weeks later and the two best friends having to co-parent together and you get a beautiful love story.

Nichole is working on her third book, a baseball romcom and I can’t wait to read it! I love sports romance and if the books is anything like these two I’m sure I’ll love it!

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