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Blog Tour ~ Infinite by Corinne Michaels

Infinite Cover

What a ride we went on to get the conclusion to the Salvation series. In typical Corinne fashion, we went on a roller coaster ride of emotions. We left off in Indefinite with a huge cliffhanger that left some people angry, while others were prepared, what’s a duet without a cliffhanger? We jump back into the book right where the other left off and the ride just beginnings. If you were watching my goodreads status updates as I progressed through the book you would have seen I spent a good chunk of the book yelling and screaming at Ashton. What a twit she is! I wanted to jump into the book and just shake her on several occasions. The first three quarters of the book were spent screaming at Ashton and crying ugly tears for everything that was going on. It’s amazing how invested we get with these characters, they feel like they are my friends, and I’m sad the story is over for good, there are no new characters to write stories about.

I got about 80% through the book before I figured out how the book was going to end and my thoughts were correct! You read and fall in love with authors and their characters and you are able to pick up on what’s going to happen in the end. It doesn’t ruin the surprise in the end because you get to read how what you thought was going to happen play out and that’s always where the surprise is. I absolutely loved this book and it was a perfect way to end the end the Salvation series, even though my heart was ripped out of my chest several times while reading it. Another 5+ star read. 

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