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Beloved by Corrine Michaels

391 pages

After just reading the prologue I immediately knew this story was going to rip me apart. My heart was broken in the first chapter. I can feel Catherine’s pain, like I was watching a movie play out in front of me. This is the first book by Corrine Michaels I have read and it definitely won’t be the last.

After her ex fiancé Nick breaks her heart, Catherine accidentally falls into Jackson’s lap when she’s out at a restaurant with friends and the connection is immediate. Never has a man made her feel like this just by his touch. Even though it’s been three months since Nick broke her heart, Catherine is not ready to be with another man right now, she manages to get away from Jackson and back to her friends knowing she will never see him again. Turns out Jackson is the CEO of Raven Cosmetics, the company Catherine is trying to win a PR account with.

Catherine and Jackson have this immediate connection and Catherine tries to keep their relationship professional for two reasons, 1 Jackson is her client and it’s unprofessional to get involved with a client and 2 she’s afraid to get hurt again by another man. They agree to keep their professional lives separate from their private lives and begin the journey of dating. Catherine learns Jackson also owns a security firm in Virginia and is ex SEALS.

His lips inch closer to mind and his words are soft and dripping with honesty. “You’re never lost, Catherine. I’ll always find you”

I was right, this book ripped me apart. The book was full of lust and love and there was a lot of heartache. Catherine pushes Jackson away, he tells her not to push him away but like every heroine she is stubborn and doesn’t listen and lets him walk away. He reaches out to her; despite saying he wouldn’t, to talk business. They reconnect; have passionate hot sex on the wall and Jackson receives a phone call that one of his friends was killed on a mission and Jackson blames himself for sending him on the mission. After reconnecting and promising each other they would never walk out on each other again, Jackson goes against his word and leaves Catherine for good. That’s not the tragic part; Jackson ends up shot 3 times.

I loved this book and immediately fell in love with Jackson right away. He is my new number 1 book boyfriend. He’s an alpha male but he’s sweet and romantic. Being ex SEALS he has a hero complex and wants to protect you. He’s the perfect boyfriend sorry Colton. 5 star read.

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