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Beholden by Corinne Michaels

369 pages

If I thought Beloved tore me apart, Beholden was worse. The book was full of romance as Jackson let Catherine in, it had lust when they couldn’t be in the same room as one another and not be physical while Jackson is recovering from the shooting, it had intimacy and it had heart ache. Never has a book brought me to tears but this one did. I could feel Catherine’s pain when she found out something Jackson was keeping from her, and you could feel Jackson’s pain when he was finally able to tell her the whole story that initially broke her heart a month after she left him. What we thought was their final goodbye when Catherine left New York to move to Las Angeles for her job. I’m tearing up just writing this out and remembering the heartache that I felt for them both.

Jackson and Catherine are so much in love and the way Corrine can go into such detail without being too wordy is amazing. This truly was the best romance novel series I have read so far. There was a story, a damn good story, and it wasn’t all about the two in love. The relationship that Catherine had with Ashton, Gretchen and her assistant Taylor was a huge part of the story. I would love to see a novel about Ashton and her love interest; I would even more love to see Ashton with Mark, Jackson’s best friend, what an amazing story I think that would be. The prologue had me laughing, which was much needed after the sobfest that occurred in the chapters prior to the end. I’m disappointed this story is over, I would love to see Jackson and Catherine’s story go on and on but like every great book it must come to an end. Hopefully we get little glimpses of Jackson and Catherine in the standalone books in The Salvation Series.

Another 5 star read

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