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Audio Review ~ Unzipped by Lauren Blakely


I loved everything about this book. It was the perfect romantic comedy about 2 nerdy people who find love the unconventional way. Like many men, Kyler is clueless when it comes to women, it’s quite funny. There were many times you were yelling at Kyler for something he said or did but in the end they made you laugh.

With audio books I can only listen in the car, they are too distracting otherwise or I’m not able to fully pay attention to the narration and miss things that are said so it takes me a week to listen to an audio book where I can read the book in 1-2 days. I enjoy hearing the personality of the characters when listening to audio books, it’s a different experience than trying to picture their voice in your head and one I’m starting to love with all my favorite one click authors publishing audio first audio books and I can’t wait to go back and read this book and see if the voices will be that of Joe and Andi or if I will come up with voices on my own.

I highly recommend this audio book, the narrators were perfect, as was the story.

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