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Always, My Valentine by Mary Lynn Cooper

I was asked by Mary Lynn Cooper to read and review her latest book Always, My Valentine. It is a romance novel, told in the third person, about Trisha and her quest to get Matt, the man she has loved since she was a little girl, out of her life after she runs into him after several years. The novel is a PG-13 romance novel with no erotica in it. This was the first novel I’ve read in the third person and not the point of view of the main character so it was a different read for me, add to that there was no sex it’s very different to the types of novels I’ve been reading but I enjoyed reading this book. It was hard to put down and contained the right about of suspense to keep you wanting to read the next chapter. It had it’s fair share of heart ache for both Trisha and Matt. There were many times I found myself wanting to yell at Trisha to knock some sense into her. She could have avoided so much heart ache and gotten the guy sooner if she didn’t push him away so much and would let him explain. With the story written in the third person you can see the reason Matt says things to the paparazzi like “She’s not my latest squeeze,” and “She’s nobody.” is to protect her from the spot light because he cares for her.  Although I did enjoy the book and would recommend it to anyone who was looking for a sappy romance novel to read, I disliked the ending. Yes there was a happily ever after where the couple ends up together but that’s it. It needs an epilogue where we are transported into the future. I look forward to reading another book by Mary Lynn Cooper. Below is Mary Lynn’s synopsis of the book and links to buy your copy of Always, My Valentine. Amazon.ca

Damn you, Matthew Philippe Warwick!

For as long as Trisha Valentine James can remember, Matthew has been obnoxious, rude, condescending…with the most beautiful green eyes she has ever seen. She tries to forget their painful past, along with the longing she holds deep in her heart for the smart, wealthy and funny bachelor. But it’s not so easy to forget one of London’s most eligible bachelors, not when he dances the waltz with you under the evening sky.

And just when she thinks she has it all figured out, Matthew walks back into her life. What’s a girl to do? Despite having a beautiful face, a stellar career and a hefty trust fund at her disposal, Trisha can’t seem to grasp the love of the man she’s wanted all her life.

And if seeing him again wasn’t enough to throw Trisha off, he pulls her out of the comforts of her work, her adorable friends, Luis and Darcey, and thrusts her into the limelight, into a world where gossip bloggers and the paparazzi can’t get enough of London’s elite. With a champagne flute in one hand and the arm of a dashing date in another, can Trisha handle the heat?

And when Matthew brings along his two equally gorgeous brothers, Leo and Marcus Warwick, into the mix, Trisha just might be writing checks her heart can’t cash.

Join Trisha as she figures out how to forget Matthew and allow her heart to heal, land the promotion she’s been eyeing and escape the glare of the tabloids. Dine with her at the most opulent places in London, mingle with her friends at parties fit for the crème de la crème, and fall in love with a former flame that even time can’t seem to extinguish.

With an amazing ex-boyfriend trying to find his way back into her life, and from a sexy yet vicious Spanish heiress to a pretty but flirty Danish princess clinging to the arms of the one man she truly loves, will Trisha watch her stock plummet? Or will her story end with both a business and marriage proposal?

Find out in Always, My Valentine.

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