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Teaser Blast ~ Bishops Knight by Katie Reus

We are so excited to be sharing a brand new teaser from BISHOP’S KNIGHT, the first book in USA Today bestselling author Katie Reus’s new Endgame Trilogy. This new romantic suspense novel will be released on July 9th and you can already pre-order your copy! About BISHOP’S KNIGHT The Bishop siblings’ family is on the verge of collapse as all three find themselves embroiled in danger. Family bonds may keep them alive…but only love can give them something to live for. Read BISHOP

Teaser Blast ~ Dating Roulette by D. Kelly

We just four weeks away from the release of DATING ROULETTE by D. Kelly. This brand new standalone romance will be released on July 9th – check out a new teaser below and be sure to pre-order your copy today! About DATING ROULETTE Bexley Seven Dates. Seven chances to win my heart. It’s not hard – Don’t put ketchup on your eggs. Don’t wear tassely loafers. For the love of all that’s Holy, don’t ogle the waitress. See? Simple… Yet no one can get it right. Tristan Datin

Teaser Blast ~ Two Week Arrangement by Kendall Ryan

About the Book Dear Sexy AF Intern, I know you don’t particularly care that I’m the CEO of this company, and you’re just an intern. I also know you’re not impressed by my power or my wealth, and that’s fine. You think you’ve got me all figured out from working alongside me for two weeks, but you don’t know me. Not really. You don’t know that I’m a single dad to twin toddlers, or that those two little girls matter more to me than this entire hotel chain. I’m not interested in

Teaser ~ Junk Mail by Kendall Ryan

It all started with a sexy selfie. Texted to the wrong number. Oops. Not my finest moment—but I have nothing to be ashamed of. She thought I was no better, and I quote, than the knuckle-dragging douche-bags she was never dating again. It was a stupid dare from a girl I’d met online, but since she’d given me a fake number, I didn’t feel bad that my interests were suddenly focused elsewhere—on the fiery and sharp-tongued, Peyton that I found myself sparring with over text for t

Teaser ~ Beneath His Stars by Amie Knight

Beneath His Stars, the first in the Stars Duet, an all-new emotional and romantic duet from Amie Knight is coming November 1st! Add to GoodReads: #AmieKnight #Beneathhisstars #ROMANCE #Teaser

Teaser ~ Dear Jane by Kendall Ryan

A Brand New Second Chance Sports Romance! He was my first crush, my first kiss, my first everything. Now he’s a hot-shot quarterback and the entire country loves him. Me? I can’t stand the cocky bastard. Amazon  ➙ Amazon UK ➙ Amazon CA ➙ iBooks ➙ Nook ➙ Kobo ➙ Goodreads ➙ #Football #Teaser #Sports #KendallRyan #Dear

Playboy Pilot Teaser

Are you excited to read Playboy Pilot on September 19th? We have a link for you to read Chapter 1 NOW! Read Chapter 1 of Playboy Pilot early: Exclusive pre-order on iBooks: Paperback pre-order: Add Playboy Pilot to your TBR list on Goodreads! Playboy Pilot will be available on Amazon, B&N,

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